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5Discovery Virtual Learning is the first inclusive platform of soft skills trainings in virtual reality. We offer training modules in Virtual Reality to bring engagements to legacy courses and make them more efficient.

VR allows students to be immersed in selected situations from their own place, brings pedagogical exercises of great interest for the development of their social skills, key to their professional success and employability.


The learner is immersed in scenes that allow him to work on his behavioural and professional skills for :

- Public speaking (in a meeting room, amphitheatre, large auditorium and many more)

- Preparation for job interviews

-  Media training or Crisis Communication

- Conflict management

- Emotional and relational intelligence

- Stress management and personal development (self-confidence, agility, etc.)

- Leadership development

and plenty of other different VR trainings !

Emotional, fun and Effective, Distance training in VR becomes a pleasure!


Our innovation Pedagogical VR Rooms

5Discovery's pedagogical VR Rooms are immersive collaborative spaces accessible in real time from any places in the world where teachers and students interact, communicate, create relationships and use the pedagogical elements at their disposal.

Via a laptop or a Virtual Reality headset, teachers and students can access different Team Building workshops to develop their soft skills and/or lead courses in an immersive environment 

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