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Our Core Business Overview:

D3 Consultants is an educational consultancy company based in Bahrain and operating on the national and international scale. At D3 Consultants, we provide state of the art various models of turnkey solutions and offer technical expertise in educational consultancy and operation management for public and private education related businesses in MENA and GCC.

Our partnership with 22 companies who are leading in diverse fields and services such as architecture & interior design, school furniture, student management systems, learning management systems, professional development, books & resources distribution and most importantly curriculum development through our partnership with a well-known and strong company from Finland leading in Finnish best practices in teaching and learning and have aligned these practices to all different curriculums such as British, American, IB and Indian.

Our Services:

·  Developing the business plan, the formation, and operational financial budgets

·  Creating the strategic plan, mission, values, goals, and operational plan

·  Designing, developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating curricula

·  Implementing quality assurance standards set by educational regulators

·  Conducting market research to ensure your vision meets existing community demand

·  Developing the marketing plan to drive enrollment, public relations, and competitive positioning

·  Establishing timelines and project management systems in the formation stage

·  Supporting development of the facility needs, design, site search, and lease/purchase

·  Establishing your organization’s structure, bylaws, constitution, and incorporation

· Establishing student management, firm management, record storage, accounting, reporting systems, and IT infrastructure

·  Identifying personnel needs, staff recruiting, job descriptions, and contracts

·  Preparing policy manuals for staff, students, and key stakeholders

·  Establishing staff appraisal system and professional development plans

· Enabling certification and accreditation from globally recognized accreditation bodies in the educational field

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