Equil.ai is a breakthrough skills curriculum and assessment platform that guides students in mastering the 21st Century human skills they will need to succeed in an AI-driven future! These skills are crucial for university and job success in the modern “ChatGPT” world and yet are rarely taught or assessed currently in a formal educational setting. We’re powered by technology and empowered by educators from Harvard, Yale and Columbia with decades of experience working with learners globally.

We provide skills development curriculum, supplementary resources/readings from industry experts, skills experience journaling, monthly assessments and a final skills transcript for students & certification for schools provided by Ivy League Educators! Skills we teach & assess:
Year 1: Goal Setting, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Self-Awareness, Mental Strength & Resilience
Year 2: Leadership, Empathy, Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence and Global Mindset
Years 3 & 4: How all the skills taught directly relate to university, career & life success

To find out more visit https://www.equil.ai/

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