“Expand My Business is the leading one-stop solution provider of digital services. Since our establishment in 2018, we have successfully delivered over 3500 digital projects spanning various industries and categories. With a team of expert developers and marketers, we have amassed a clientele of more than 2100 satisfied individuals and organizations. Our exceptional solutions have been implemented in Education, Retail and E-Commerce, Hospitality, Travel, BSFI, and many more industries, reaching over 20 countries. At Expand My Business, we provide valuable advantages, including a team of accomplished IT developers, end-to-end project management, and consulting solutions.

Within the education sector, our primary offerings include Custom Developed ERP solutions for Schools and Universities, Learning Management Solutions – platform and content development, CRM solutions, Social Commerce, and Attendance Management Solutions. Among our esteemed clients are renowned companies such as Educom, Walmart, Tata, Swiggy, KPMG, Pizza Hut, and Flipkart, among others.”

Learn more at: https://emb.global/

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