The STAGEPAK system of interlocking modules was conceived by a practising educational administrator in Perth, Western Australia. He saw a need for such a product in his school.

The versatility of the system is unmatched because one can assemble a range of school related models such as choir risers, seating plans, display structures and drama props. It can also be used to enhance existing stages by providing a number of different levels.

Each STAGEPAK module resembles a mini stage on its own. They can be disassembled and packed flat for ease of storage or transport to another venue. Once assembled, they can be linked laterally and vertically like large building blocks. The side wall components come in a range of six colours while the decks can be black or grey. The red, blue, green, yellow, black and grey sides can be mixed and matched with the decks in any configuration.

STAGEPAK is proudly manufactured in Perth by Ideal Plastic Concepts. For more information and examples of the product in use in Australian schools please visit the web site.https://www.idealplasticconcepts.com.au/

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