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Koobit Math Our flagship product KooBits Math is a gamified online learning platform that helps children ages 6 to 12 learn effectively in a fun and personalized way. The platform brings together comprehensive education content, world-class teaching pedagogies and highly engaging learning experience. KooBits helps children visualize Math concepts through animation, motivates them with gamified rewards and encourages consistent practice with healthy learning habits. It also provides tools for parent-teacher-child interaction to track performances and celebrate learning process.

KooBits is the perfect Math companion for primary school children, empowering them to learn anytime and anywhere. We are trusted by hundreds of schools in Asia with proven results. Over 250,000 monthly active students from 30 countries learn, practice and play on KooBits Math.

We strive to scale our expertise using technology and create a global community of learners.

KooBits is a pre-Series B startup backed by leading venture capital investors in the region. As a dynamic group of technologists and educators, we firmly believe that a paradigm shift in education is happening right now.

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