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Simply Skool

is a collaborative robotics company building systems and software to help children on the Autism Spectrum learn and grow using robotic technology. Our team was inspired by research showing the efficacy of children with Autism learning through peer-like relationships with robots to create our RobotAssisted Instruction (RAI) systems. MOVIA’s software can be tailored to meet each individual child’s needs and learning goals. We revolutionize the way children with Autism and other Special Needs learn through the use of cutting-edge robotics technology. MOVIA’s RAI systems build children’s confidence and allow them to unlock their full potential. MOVIA is the only company to offer a choice in robotic platform, content, and price, and is the only company to offer solutions tailored to the home, school, or clinic. Additionally, as our RAI systems do not depend on internet access, they are Secure, Reliable, Affordable, and Portable.

Please visit: http://www.

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