NaraXR is a leading provider of cutting-edge XR (Extended Reality) Collaboration Platforms, revolutionizing collaboration for Turkish and international companies. Established in 2014, we specialize in immersive XR solutions, leveraging the latest technologies and seamless 5G connectivity to enhance team productivity.
Our vision is to empower individuals and teams with immersive collaboration tools that transcend geographical boundaries, fostering creativity and seamless interactions. We aim to redefine the future of work by providing a shared virtual environment where teams can work, learn, and collaborate effectively.
NaraXR’s mission is to equip businesses with tailored XR Collaboration Platforms, driving innovation, productivity, and streamlined decision-making. Our platform offers features such as real-time 3D modeling, virtual conferencing, and multi-user simulations, enabling effortless collaboration in virtual spaces.
With a dedicated and creative team, we are committed to staying at the forefront of XR innovation, addressing evolving business needs across various sectors. Embrace the power of XR collaboration, drive organizational growth, and embrace the future of work with NaraXR.

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