Pyramakerz Technologies is a pioneering EdTech startup dedicated to transforming education through providing Gamified STEAM Education Integrated Solutions for educational organizations and individuals. Our solutions have been accredited by the world renowned STEM.org in 2019 and through 2024. We have had more than 12,000 service users from k-12 students and more than 50 School partners.

Core Values:

Innovation, Excellence & Meaningful Impact.


Pyramakerz’ mission is to bridge the gap between traditional education and the evolving demands of the digital age. We strive to provide accessible and engaging STEAM education solutions that empower learners of all ages to become future-ready innovators, equipped to tackle real-world challenges.


Our vision is to create a global community of lifelong learners who are inspired, confident, and skillful in utilizing STEAM principles to drive positive change in society.

Our holistic approach is based on five pillars:

  •  Infrastructure of AI & tech-labs: our machines (3d Printers, Laser Cutters), Pyramakerz STEAM Projects kits, tools, equipment & materials
  •  ICT/STEAM Education Grade-based & program-based curricula
  • Qualified teachers/instructors
  • Supervision, technical, academic and marketing support
  •  Competitions

Overall, we empower schools, educators, and students to unlock their full potential and ignite a passion for learning in the fields of STEAM. https://pyramakerz.com/

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