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Simply Skool

Simply Skool is an e-learning platform with an aim to create a digitized learning environment to provide personalized experiential and holistic learning to students in collaboration with schools and educators.


We provide digital learning content to students of grades K-1 to K-12 in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Social Science. With over 20,000 content pages, 15,000+ images, 3000+ videos, 2,50,000+ practice based questions, a wide range of fun learning activities such as games and crosswords, our platform Simply Skool has been designed to make learning an easy, fun, profound and engaging experience for students.


With the help of our AI backed Analytics, educators can get access to comprehensive student assessment and performance reports which will enable them to monitor every student’s progress, provide effective feedback and create personalized learning modules.


Simply School is focused on empowering both its students and educators in the digital learning space. Our platform has been designed to cater to every student’s learning needs and requirements. We strive to empower our educators by providing innovative digital teaching tools to help them incorporate best teaching methods and practices in their classrooms.

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