Atlantis Educational Services
STEM for educators, learners and enthusiasts
Atlantis Educational Services Inc, combines NGSS-aligned STEM curriculum with Space Trek technology to create standards-based experiences for students and teachers alike. Focused on human-centric innovation, our SpaceTrek programs use custom-designed hardware and software to bridge the gap between result engineered systems and teaching best-practices. Our integrated skills and training programs promote educator professional development.
Our programs teach principles of robotics, rocketry, and atmospheric science in the unique setting of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Students program robots to operate on Mars, predict and measure performance of rockets, and gather data about Earth’s near-space atmosphere, with guidance from experienced coaches in a challenging and fun environment.
From designing and manufacturing robot and rocket parts using a 3D printer and laser cutting machines, to advanced electronics needed to operate the them, and writing sophisticated softwares for running our robots or long distance telemetry involved in our Near Space Investigation program, all our in-house designed modules are unique combination of hands-on practice and theoretical guidance.

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