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Jemax Robotics develops the Sqriba, a robotic product that can aid in regaining the fine motorics of the hand by carrying out writing exercises. The operation of the Sqriba rests on actively mobilizing the muscles used when writing by hand. Our design based on    3D-printing technology guides the user through the selected exercises.

This works via Sqriba’s patented magnet connection which drives the pen on the table top and thereby controls the hand and finger movement of the user. Making use of magnets enables a smooth user experience and prevents the user of being forced in positions they are not able to go.


Sqriba offers a wide variety of exercises to its users. These exercises range from basic shapes, such as circles and lines, to letters and transitions.

Within these lessons you can adjust the size and speed to the level of your patient. We also regularly update the range of classes so that you never have to practice without material. This material is easy to download to your Sqriba via Wi-Fi.


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