Vir Softech is at the forefront of the revolution in business-led IT process transformation. We assist our customers in realizing their vision and scaling up through workflow transformations that produce superior business results at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest amount of time. Vir Softech is a tech leader in edTech domain with eVAL product offerings in assessment & evaluation domain including OMR Software, Online Exmaination Platform (CBT), On Screen Marking solution, Question & Test Management solution and Learning Management solution. With customer base spread across continents, we are the choice of the BEST Schools, Universities, Coaching Institutes, Govt Education Boards & Top Organizations for our Ed-tech products.
Vir Softech is also a leading Document Management & Workflow solution provider based on open source platform DSpace. Regardless of which industry, you are part of, and what is the scale of your operations, whether you have millions of documents to store and archive or are a start up with expansive dreams, our DMS solution offers perfect place to store your archives, electronic versions of documents and other rich media formats to create a high functioning repository with advanced search, workflow management and universal or role based content access. Many Fortune 500 companies including banks, insurance, government/private sector organizations, universities, libraries have entrusted us already for digital transformation by moving their content repositories online in a highly secure environment that is cloud ready and scalable.

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