At Wonder Workshop, we’re engineering play to develop the next generation of innovators. Our comprehensive coding and robotics platform teaches kids important critical-thinking and problem-solving skills while inspiring creativity and wonder. Our entire product experience is painstakingly designed to take kids on an exciting STEAM journey that offers limitless opportunities for exploration, discovery, and learning.
See how Dash and our comprehensive learn-to-code solution will revolutionize your K-8 STEAM program.
Whether you are an experienced computer science teacher or haven’t taught coding and robotics before, Wonder Workshop’s products are for you. Our Coding Pathways program presents multi-media, interactive coding lessons and then challenges kids to program a Virtual Dash right onscreen to reinforce what they’ve learned. Then students can transition to programming a physical Dash robot to bring coding to life in a tactile way. They can even transition from Block-based to text-based JavaScript coding with our Blockly Pro web app.
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